Gordon Swift, violin -- Celtic, old-time fiddle, Gypsy, spirituals & more


With over 25 years' performing experience and a fine old violin my only equipment, I bring warmth and spirit to your special occasion without overpowering it.

Because I play solo and with no sound system, I have the flexibility to move anywhere you like within your venue: on the balcony or terrace of a country inn, in the choir loft of a church, in a hotel lobby as guests arrive for a reception, or strolling from table to table during dinner.

I'll help you plan the musical accents of a unique event--playing for the ceremony, reception, or for the entire affair as a cost-effective alternative to a band. DETAILS FOLLOW:

The Prelude
Often I'm asked to play for about 20 minutes as a prelude to the wedding ceremony, while guests are arriving.  During this time I usually play some slow, touching airs, then heighten the sense of expectation with a livelier tune like "Haste to the Wedding" or one of the traditional trumpet voluntaries--which sound great on violin!

The Ceremony
For the bride's processional I play the "Bridal Chorus" (better known as "Here Comes the Bride") or a tune of your choice.  Often a couple will ask me to play an additional piece during the ceremony--for example, the ancient Irish air "Gentle Maiden."  To close, I play the recessional "Wedding March" or another tune of your choice.  If you're unsure what pieces might go well in your service, I'm always happy to offer suggestions.

The Reception
Even when a couple hires a band or DJ for the wedding party, I'm often asked to play during the reception or cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony.  This provides a spirited accompaniment to your congratulations and a bridge to the rest of the affair.  Here I play a sparkling set of Celtic jigs and reels, American fiddle tunes and Gypsy dances. 

The Dinner
When a couple doesn't need a band or DJ for dancing but wants some stylish music which won't drown out conversation during their celebratory dinner, I offer the perfect solution.  I'll play sets of my carefully selected tunes, moving from table to table or room to room.  Typically I'll play two or three sets of about 40 minutes each, with 20-minute breaks between sets.  And I play some special old waltzes to which newlyweds have been known to get up and dance!