Gordon Swift, violin -- Celtic, old-time fiddle, Gypsy, spirituals & more

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Folks often ask if I play the violin or the fiddle, to which the answer is, "Yes!" With the exception of some classical melodies for the wedding ceremony, my music is an eclectic mix of tunes from non-classical traditions.

Many of my selections have long been known as fiddle tunes, while others are songs which I've arranged for my instrument. A sample list of tunes follows:

    Appalachian:  Devil's Dream, Fire on the Mountain, Sally Goodin
    Old-Time:  Fiddling Around, St. Anne's Reel, Whiskey Before Breakfast
    Latino:  Valse de los Paņos, La Llorona, Valse Emiliano
    Contemporary:  Ashokan Farewell, The Lovers' Waltz

    Jigs:  Haste to the Wedding, The Lark in the Morning, Morrison's Jig
    Hornpipes:  The Rights of Man, Off to California, The Red-Haired Boy
    Reels:  The Pigeon on the Gate, The Morning Dew, The Silver Spear
    Waltzes:  Sheebeg and Sheemore, Gentle Maiden, Star of the County Down
    Slow Airs:  Aisling Gheal, The Dark Island, Neil Gow's Lament

Gypsy:  The Basso, Dark Eyes, Two Guitars

Klezmer:  Berdichiever Khosid, Ma Yofus

Spirituals:  Amazing Grace, Wayfaring Stranger, Wondrous Love

Wedding Ceremony:  Bridal Chorus, Trumpet Tune, Wedding March

Originals:  Marcie's Lark, Long River, The 12/20 Waltz

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