Gordon Swift, violin -- Celtic, old-time fiddle, Gypsy, spirituals & more


Wondrous Love is an album of original and traditional music to touch your spirit, played on solo violin and baritone violectra.  It includes some of my favorite fiddle tunes and other music for violin: old-time dance tunes, Celtic airs, lonesome mountain modes, dark Gypsy strains, a folk hymn, far-Eastern accents, and a nomad's call to the stars.  Veteran bluegrass musician Jon Swift joins with acoustic guitar on three tunes.  The album is available for sale from your favorite online music retailer.

  1  Bonaparte's Retreat *  Listen:  mp3
  2  Long River *  
Listen:  mp3
  3  Nomadic *  
Listen:  mp3
  4  Rubber Dolly *  
Listen:  mp3
  5  Kitchen Girl  Trad.  
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  6  Better Lately Than Ever *
  7  Tá Mé 'Mo Shuí  Trad.
  8  Constitutional *
  9  Sally Goodin  Trad.
10  The Star of the County Down  Trad.
11  The Rights of Man / Haste to the Wedding  Trad.
12  Fiddling Around  Clem Myers  
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13  Wondrous Love  Trad.  
Listen:  mp3
              *  Originals