Gordon Swift, violin -- Celtic, old-time fiddle, Gypsy, spirituals & more


"Gordon, thank you for playing so beautifully at our wedding. So many of our guests have told us that they loved your music. You helped make our day perfect, and I'm very grateful."
  -- Derby, CT

"We may be living in a new millenium, but when it comes to weddings, tradition holds fast.  That makes someone like violinist Gordon Swift especially popular for weddings and receptions.  His music is not classical but combines a unique style with Celtic airs, old-time and Appalachian fiddle tunes, Gypsy dances, Early American spirituals and several originals.  It is the music that people have been playing at weddings for centuries, brought to life in the 21st century."
  -- The Litchfield County Times

"Thank you for your wonderful performance at our wedding.  Everyone enjoyed!!!"
  -- Goshen, CT

"I was transported!  Your music is so varied, like different instruments."
  -- Burlington, CT

"Thank you so much for providing the wonderful violin music!  It added a lovely and festive air to the cocktail reception, and I know the guests appreciated the beauty and artistry of the music."
  -- Renbrook School, West Hartford, CT

"You are such a talented fiddler, what a wonderful style you've got.  And so versatile.  Did I detect some Greek music in one of the compositions?  Makes you want to dance!"
  -- Surrey, U.K.

"Thank you so much for sharing your music with all of us at our luncheon. The tunes you played were both soothing and uplifting and provided a great atmosphere for our celebration."
  -- CIGNA Corp., Bloomfield, CT

"If you are a fan of Celtic music, if you like blues-inflected melodies, if the drone of Eastern music appeals to you, if you are open to many different sounds, 'Wondrous Love' is for you.  The 13 tunes are filled with spirit and emotion, quiet then boisterous then serene--an excellent companion on a cold winter's night."
  -- The Hartford Courant

"I listen to your CD every day.  I love that it isn't just one type of music.  It helps me to concentrate at work.  I put it on when doing some difficult tasks; I find it relaxes me."
  -- West Hartford, CT

"I love this CD.  Gordon's choice of music and his clean execution of it make this a joy to listen to."
  -- a reviewer at amazon.com

"Let Gordon know that his CD-rom was great background music for a romantic evening last night!"
  -- West Hartford, CT

"We are in receipt of your incredibly lovely CD!  Thank you for a real treat for the ears!!"
-- Kempton, PA

"I'm a violist and recently had my "Wondrous Love" CD stolen  out of my car in the far-away tundra of Alaska, where I live. Although I am sure whoever "borrowed" it (a bear? a moose? a hooligan?) will no doubt enjoy its contents, I, in the meantime, am missing it very much. I'd like to replace it if possible. "
-- Anchorage, AK